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Our Services

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Couples Therapy
Therapy Session

Chronic stress, difficult life changes, and relationship conflicts are a few examples that may lead someone to seek out Individual Therapy.


Your therapist will strive to "undo aloneness" as you process the unexpected challenges in life.  

Marriage & Family Therapy

Healthy relationships require commitment and trust. If you and your significant other are ready to begin addressing issues that impact your relationship,  we would be honored to guide this process. 

Our therapists have specific training and expertise in working with couples and families. 

Trauma Informed Therapy

According to the National Council of Behavioral Health, 70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event in their life.

If you have been impacted by experiences that keep you feeling "stuck" in unhealthy patterns, you may benefit from a trauma-informed approach.  

Stacking Blocks
Support Group
Yoga at Home

Children and adults alike can benefit from non-traditional forms of therapy including expressive arts therapy, play therapy, and psychodrama.  

Our play therapy room is an ideal atmosphere to work with children as they express their unique experiences under the supervision of our Play Therapist.

We are happy to offer various confidential therapeutic groups.  Examples would include Grief Support, Expressive Arts group, Book Study group, and Shame Resilience group.

Our therapists will facilitate groups

throughout the year.  Stay updated on the groups we are currently offering by following us on social media.

Research has shown that a regular yoga practice may reduce stress, relieve anxiety symptoms, improves sleep, and reduces depression symptoms.


Our Registered Yoga Teachers will facilitate various classes throughout the week. 


Our counselors have training and experience

to help you through life's challenges.  

Click on the links below to learn more about

 some of the most common issues we treat.

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