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Many people think of trauma as a group of symptoms that only military veterans experience. However, research shows that 70% of US adults have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives.  A broad definition of trauma is an upsetting or disturbing experience that leaves a person feeling threatened or otherwise unsafe.

A single incident trauma might be experiencing a car wreck, living through a natural disaster, or an act of violence. Adverse symptoms may become noticeable to the survivor soon after the traumatic event. However, complex trauma happens repetitively and the effects are cumulative. For instance, a person who grows up with emotionally neglectful caregivers, or a child who has been bullied throughout school.

Using a "trauma-informed" approach, our clinicians are equipped to help clients re=process and desensitize traumatic experiences they have faced.  We offer EMDR therapy, trauma-informed yoga and are constantly seeking to learn from the latest research on healing trauma.

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