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Therapeutic Intensives


What is a Therapeutic Intensive?

A "Therapeutic Intensive" is an investment in larger blocks of time to focus on overcoming persistent obstacles that interrupt your growth towards a fulfilling life.  Each session is tailored to the needs and goals of each individual.


During the Intensive, participants will receive an average of 4 hours of individual counseling divided into two sessions.  In between these sessions, participants may choose to rest, reflect, or engage in another ancillary service that has been agreed upon in advance that could further the work accomplished during the individual therapy.  (These could include acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, mindfulness/ meditation practices, art/ expressive therapy, etc.)


After the Intensive session, the therapist will discuss ongoing care to determine what the participant might want to continue to work on with the participant’s primary therapist when they return home. 


What is the process to schedule an Intensive?


To begin your Therapeutic Intensive, you will complete the intake packet and treatment contract that outlines expectations of both participants and clinicians.  A 30 minute phone call or video conference will be established to learn more about the participant’s current symptoms, level of mental health care, and expectations of the Intensive.  If the person is found to be a viable candidate, he or she will be sent an invoice for the services agreed upon.  A downpayment will be required to hold the Intensive session.


Are these services covered by insurance?


Unfortunately, insurance companies will not cover intensive therapy of this kind.  Therefore, fees will need to be covered by the participants independently.  We are able to arrange payment plans if necessary.


What types of therapeutic interventions can I expect?


We embrace a trauma-informed, research based approach to treatment. We adhere to the philosophy that past painful experiences that are not adequately adapted are the root of present distress and negative future outlook.  Clinicians are trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and integrate other therapeutic modalities such as Ego State Therapy to assist the individual toward healing.


The participant may choose to include additional supportive services in their personal retreat such as art/ expressive therapy, yoga, meditation/ mindfulness, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc.  These options will need to be discussed with the therapist prior to the Therapeutic Intensive in order to make arrangements with these service providers.

Financial Investment

We offer a variety of options for individuals to do extended intensive work with their therapist.  Depending on which therapist you work with, the cost of the sessions will vary.  A non-refundable deposit will hold your session and can discuss payment plan options.


Half Day Intensive:  $400-$500

This includes 3 - 4 hours of therapy

Full Day Intensive:  $850-$1000 (option for additional services)

This includes 5 - 6 hours of therapy

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