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New Client Information

New clients and those who have not visited us in the past year are required to read and complete the following Intake Packet.  


Please use the link below to download/ print the .PDF form:

Intake Packet

Our Rates

Our therapy practice is considered "out-of-network", meaning, we do not bill insurances.  All payments are made at the time of service.  If the client wishes to submit their own claims to their insurance, they can ask their therapist to provide a super bill which will include information that most insurances need for reimbursement.  All insurance plans are different, and we cannot guarantee that you will receive reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Intake Session
(50 minutes or 80 minutes)

Individual Sessions
(50 minutes)

Individual/ Family/ Couples Sessions
(80 minutes)

Therapeutic Intensives
(3-6+ hours)

Group Therapy

$40-$150 / 50 minutes
$125-$215 / 80 minutes

  (prices vary per therapist)

$40-$125 / 50 minutes
  (prices vary per therapist)

$115-$185 / 80 minutes
  (prices vary per therapist)

Half Day (3-4 hrs) $400-$500
Full Day (5-6 hrs) $850-$1000

  (prices vary per therapist)

Prices determined by group facilitator

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