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Dr. Jenna Britt, LPC/MHSP

Owner and Clinical Director

Dr. Jenna Britt, LPC/MHSP

Dr. Jenna Britt began as a therapist in 2003 and became licensed as an LPC/MHSP in the state of TN in 2008. She holds a PhD in Psychology and a masters degree in Counseling. Dr. Britt approaches counseling through a neurobiological, adaptive information processing (AIP) lens. She has a background in CBT and solution-focused approaches and now uses mid-brain therapies, such as EMDR and Ego State, as her preferred modality for treatment. “Every client who walks in the door has walked a unique path in life and has a unique story to share with the world. As a clinical therapist, I collaborate with clients to reach the goals that are most important to them and to do so in a way that increases their self-respect, incorporates compassion and curiosity, and increases their confidence.” Her goal is to help clients process life’s struggles in a meaningful way. Dr. Britt loves her work and takes great joy in creating space for clients to explore pathways of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations stored in their nervous systems and lending guidance in the creation and integration of healthier ones. She also enjoys teaching, presenting, and interfacing with other helping professionals.

Dr. Britt has been married for 24 years. She and her husband, Bryan, have two children who are both currently in college. The family has faced significant challenges over the past 14 years with Bryan having a rare central nervous system disorder and restrictive lung disease. They're very grateful to the Lord for the different forms of help and support they've received along the way and for the peace He has provided even in the midst of struggle. They are so honored to be owners of this practice. Bryan enjoys serving clients as the office manager and taking care of the therapy team as the staff support coordinator. Jenna considers it a great privilege to not only be providing direct services to clients but to also to be overseeing such an incredible team of therapists in their weekly staffings and continuing education. She is committed to providing clients the highest level of care with the best research-backed treatment methods available and also providing therapists an environment where they can do their best work, receive ongoing support and training, and feel confident bringing their authentic selves to the therapeutic alliance.

Specialized Training

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • EMDR with Children and Adolescents

  • Advanced Training in EMDR

  • Ego State Therapy

Education & Credentials

  • PhD in Psychology | Capella University

  • M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling | Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson, TN

  • B.S. Psychology | Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson, TN

  • Licensed Professional Counselor/ Mental Health Services Provider (LPC/MHSP) | TN #2356


$180 (50 minute Intake)

$255 (80 minute Intake)

$150 (50 minute session)

$225 (80 minute session)

Call (731) 394-4109 to request Jenna as your therapist.

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