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Consultations & Trainings
We are thrilled to offer opportunities to equip and support our community's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.    We believe that the more mental health care is normalized and encouraged among our community, the more hope we all have to heal from the past and thrive in the present.

We would be happy to arrange a time to speak with your workplace, school, church, medical clinic, etc.  If you are interested in hosting a presentation, training or workshop, please email Jenna Britt at
EMDR Basic Training
February 2021
Most of our team practices from a trauma-informed lens and have been trained in EMDR to treat those suffering the various effects of trauma.  In February of 2021, we hosted an EMDR Basic Training weekend led by Carrie Ann Carr from the Hope Enrichment Center. 
Other mental health  professionals in our community attended this training as well.
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Ego State Therapy 
in the Treatment of Trauma
August 2021

In August of 2021, we were honored to provide our staff and other local mental health professionals a training opportunity to learn about Ego State Therapy led by Carrie Ann Carr from the Hope Enrichment Center.  This model of therapy is often referred to as "parts work" and is similar to the Internal Family Systems model.

Equipping and Supporting our Emergency Personnel
Owner and Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Jenna Britt has had opportunities to present important and relevant material about trauma and resiliency to different departments of Jackson's emergency personnel.

She was able to provide education, tools, and resources to support these brave men and women as they encounter unexpected emergencies around our community each day.
  • March-May 2021: 8 week in-service for the Jackson Police Department on the Neurobiology of Trauma
  • October & November 2021: A 2-day training on Critical Incident Desensitization Protocol (CIDP) for the City of Jackson First Responders
  • January & February 2022: PTSD and EMDR Presentation for the Jackson Fire Department
ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
January 2023
In January of 2023, members of our team participated in the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training led by the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network.

Through this 2-day training, we gained valuable information about providing life-saving interventions for clients who are struggling with severe depression and suicidal ideations.
Ego State and EMDR in the Treatment of Trauma
April 2023
In April of 2023, members of our team and other professional in the community, received training on how to weave various trauma-focused interventions to undo barriers in the healing process.

Through the combination of Ego State Therapy and EMDR, clients have been able to experience a decrease in symptoms and the opportunity to feel empowered.
We would be honored to offer presentations, trainings, and workshops for your workplace.  If you would like to discuss details about future opportunities, please email Dr. Jenna Britt at
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