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Adolescent Emotional & Behavioral Issues


The therapeutic approach to behavioral issues and emotional struggles among adolescents is as varied as the individual experiencing the issues. Emotional and behavioral issues of adolescence are influenced by a myriad of sources, includeing the personality traits of the individual, the unique characteristics of the family, and the school setting in which the adolescent functions.. Counseling works to increase awareness of the issues and pinpoint problems and well as potential solutions within these various area. Using the most current research, our therapist will apply tried and true processes that seek to return our adolescent clients to a healthy and vibrant state of life. At Re-Envision Counseling, we work with clients individually as well as including significant others in the process of healing. However, treatment goals will primarily reflect the expressed needs of the adolescent, as the ultimate goal is for that individual to be able to move forward with the amazing experience of becoming who he or she was created to be.

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