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Marriage & Family

Couples Therapy

Relationships are woven tightly into the fabric of mankind. Our relationships teach us about love and belonging, or the lack thereof. We learn who we are in relationship to others and we constantly redefine ourselves in relationship to others. 

All relationships involve some degree of struggle and effort to make them work.  In order to achieve a healthy marriage or family dynamic, someone must be intentionally working in that direction. If you are not satisfied with your current level of marital or family health, you can take a step towards a more positive future right now by scheduling an appointment for counseling.

Couples who are more proactive in seeking help have better results from therapy. If you can tell your marriage or family is under fire, please reach out and allow us to help you.  Our therapists are equipped to help couples with emotional struggles, communication issues, parenting challenges, extramarital affairs, traumatic experiences, boundary issues with extended family members, and a variety of other issues. We also offer counseling to entire families who are undergoing stressors of various types. Research shows that family goals are often more effective than individual goals because everyone is facing the same direction and working as a team. If we can help you in any way with the needs of your marriage or family, please contact us now.

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