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Stress & Other Emotional Disturbances

Stressed Man

Stress can be the underlying cause of numerous mental, physical, and spiritual health issues. Signs of stress often include physical symptoms, such as neck pain or light headedness, as well as emotional symptoms, such as feeling overwhelmed or helpless. Stress often comes when we feel we have “too much on our plate”. This causes us to believe we have to rush and overreact to deal with our normal responsibilities. Stress often is felt by those whose “driven” personality has wandered into perfectionism. Although no human is perfect, those who struggle with perfectionistic thinking feel let down when they don’t reach this unattainable level. This causes stress and anxiety. Stress can also be felt by those who have trouble saying “no”. Being “servant-hearted” can become an unhealthy desire to please everyone. Pleasing everyone is stressful. 


If you constantly feel “stressed out” we would love to hear your story. Our clinical therapists practice research-based interventions that can help you find the freedom of stepping of the treadmill-high stress levels. 

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