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Childhood Issues

Child and Therapist

Childhood behavioral issues are unique to individual families and often depend on the larger context of the community as well. Children speak through behaviors to tell adults about their world and to try and process their feelings about things. Child behavior is sometimes considered to be either “good and “appropriate” or “bad” and “inappropriate”, but there is actually a large continuum between the two. Very rarely can any person’s sum total of behaviors be squeezed into either category. Rather than thinking in terms of labels or categorizations, our counselors see children’s behaviors as clues as to what’s going on inside of them and/or what they have experienced.  Behaviors are considered to be problematic when they impair a child’s functioning, when they cause the child (or the adult caretaker) distress, or when they put someone in danger. Common behavioral issues in children include the following: tantrums, excessive crying, school trouble, acting out in anger, hurting others without appropriate empathy, unexplained crying, night terrors, inability to control bladder, anxiety issues, worries and inattention. These and many other things can cause difficulty between parents, hurt between siblings, and general disruption in the family.  You can depend on our counselors to consider the latest treatments for your child and for supporting you as a parent.

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