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Grief & Loss

Image by Marquise Kamanke

People experience grief in many different ways, and sometimes the feelings can seem unbearable. Grief is typically associated with a relationship loss, such as having to say goodbye to a loved one or going through the process of letting go of a relationship that has otherwise ended or changed. It can also be the result of a personal injury or change of status. Grief encompasses more than sadness because some type of loss has occurred. People grieve the end of journeys; the loss of dreams; unexpected changes in life; and a variety of other things. Counseling can help people navigate these paths and understand their feelings throughout the process.

Grief and loss are not cut-and-dried issues; they tend to move forward and change shape, but learning to live in new realities often takes time and means going back and forth between the past and the present in a meaningful way. Our counselors are here to help assist people with this.

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